Monday, June 4, 2012

@twtrbiggestlosr Challenge Getting Started

I first want to say my role in this 26 week challenge is not to provide some revolutionary diet that's going to change your life.  I hope the information I'm sharing with you will help you change your life incrementally so that you and your family can start living and enjoying life in a way you never thought possible when it comes to food.

There are some things I'm gonna need you to do to get started, if you expect to see the life change you are looking for.  Remember this is NOT A DIET, but a battle plan to healthier living.

Preparing Your Home Kitchen

You will be cooking more, but there are some things you will need in order to be successful with our menu, recipes and health tips.  You may have some of these items, if not you can pick them up with a limited investment:


  • Non-Stick Saute/Fry Pan
  • High Temperature Spatula
  • Non-Stick Sheet Pan/Cookie Sheet for Oven
  • Small to Medium Size Crock Pot
  • Strainer/Steamer Basket
  • Carbon Steel Chef Knife (6 or 8 inch in length)
  • Cutting Board
Spices and Seasoning
  • Kosher Salt
  • Melange Peppercorns in Grinder
  • Morton's Light Salt
  • Favorite Creole Seasoning (Salt Free)
  • Favorit Herb Blend Seasoning (Salt Free)
  • Olive Oil and Canola Oil Pan Spray
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Throw Out All Dessert (I mean all Dessert, Cookies, Ice Cream, etc.)  We only eat dessert on Sunday as a family outing so that it something special for us to enjoy.  It our treat for being discipline throughout the week!
  • Milk (1 or 2 % Milk is needed, Fat Free is best, but I only do fat free in my coffee)
  • Fruits (3 of your favorite Fresh Fruits; Mine is Pineapple, Grapes, and Stawberries)
  • Vegetables (3 of your favorite Fresh Vegetables; Mine is Green Beans, Cabbage, Zuchinni)
  • Bread/Grain (40 calorie Wheat Bread, 1 Favorite Whole Grain Cereal, and Brown Rice or Whole Wheat Pasta)
  • Meat/Protein (Chicken Breast Frozen is okay, and Fish Filet, Salmon, Tilapia, Flounder)
Additional Items
  • Tobasco Sauce
  • Salsa
  • 2 Selections of Beans or Legumes (Black Beans, Red Beans, Black Eye Peas, etc.)
  • Lemons and Lime
  • Cucumbers
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Spring Mix Lettuce
  • Yellow Onions, Celery, Carrots, and Green Bell Peppers
  • Low Sodium Chicken Stock/Broth
  • Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • Egg Whites or Egg Beaters
  • Bottle Water or Get a Filter System to help the environment!
From time to time you will need to get additional items, based on the recipes we are working on but, this will help us get out of the gate with the hope of delivering the healthy meals we all need.  

Hear's to Healthy Eating on Bite at a Time!

Chef Reggie

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  1. This is great advice. My family will freak if I throw out the ice cream, but I don't eat it anyway. I've got a question is there a creole seasoning with no salt? My favorite is Tony Chachere's!