Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Culinary Competition Blues

Just finished first real practice for our upcoming culinary competition in two weeks.  I'm not worried, but I have my concerns as always.  It is very hard to convince young students to have the focus required for  competing at the highest level.  My challenge this year, is that I have a team of all Seniors.  I thought this would be an advantage, but they have so many other things they are worried about like, prom, graduation and applying to college. 

It has been very difficult getting them motivated to complete all the work necessary to compete at this level.  That is why all professional chefs stress "Mise En Place", french translation to have all things in place, or in other words be organized.

ACF standards says that if you want to have any chance at success in a competition or cooking exam you must practice at least 10 times before the day of the event.  Let's hope we can improve in the coming days because we have some serious holes to fill before competition.

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